Economic stimulus package: 2/3 majority in House to pass?

According to CNN,

As far as I know, off the top of my head, the only times a 2/3 supermajority is needed in the House are to override a Presidential veto or to expel a member. What’s the deal here?

A speeded up procedure.

Apparently the Senate will do something similar and require 60 votes for passage.

The House rules provide for a procedure known as “suspension of the rules.” Typically, the House must pass a rule before it proceeds to consider a bill. A rule sets out how much debate is allowed, how many amendments, and so on. There are opportunities to debate and even amend a rule before it is passed, and there are certain other procedural matters involved, so passing a bill by this standard route requires a fair amount of work.

Under the suspension of the rules procedures, non-controversial bills can be quickly brought to the floor for a vote with limited debate and no amendments. Because this procedure stifles debate and the ability of congressmen to change the bill, a 2/3 threshold for passage is required to insure that the bill really isn’t controversial.

If a bill fails under suspension of the rules (doesn’t get the required 2/3rds vote) it can be brought to the floor under normal procedures, with a rule and all that. This happens infrequently.