Economies: Why Does CA Act So Unique?

Why does CA act like they’re the only state with a bad economy? (as if the whole country is in such great a shape?)

There must be a factual answer to this, or else the people of CA have committed the biggest fraud. - Jinx


We’re certainly aware we have a crappy economy in New York. Some sections of the state are doing better than others (or perhaps, some sections are doing worse). Although our governor and legislature didn’t really make any structural changes in response to this, we’re used to that too. :dubious:

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We don’t, but it’s a nice simplification for the “Smear Grey Davis” ads.

(Whaddayamean, the election’s over?)

Is that a standard liberal accusation about the election being in some way illegal or wrong? Fine, don’t vote for Davis to be removed, but I’m veeeeeeery tired of people trying to hint that provisions of the state constitution shouldn’t be used in legal ways.

Here in Mississippi, we’re accustomed to a bad economy. :frowning:

To us recalling the governor would mean trying to think of his name. :wink: