Economist magazine, student subscription

My son, a college student, has asked for a subscription to The Economist for Christmas. He says there is a special student subscription rate, but I couldn’t find it. Can someone direct me to it?

This thread discussed subscribing using frequent flyer points. Hope it’s useful.

Here in the uni’ where I work there are masses of cards offering student subscription rates to the Economist and other worthy titles.

Here’s a US offer on the Econonist website :slight_smile:

I used a different website to get my own subscription. They do make it somewhat confusing I suppose.

The periodicals section of his school library is sure to keep an updated subscription.

Indeed, always a good place to find out about subscriptions offers too if our university is anything to go by.

If you’re in the UK or the EU, I used Nordic Subs, who are the people whose flyers litter just about every university campus in the country. £62 a year, which is less than half price with no discernable difference in service. Oh and you get a (seemingly eternal) subscription to the website, which is kinda nice.

Yes, I recognised that name instantly, they seem to have some pretty good subscription offers for students. I was thinking of getting one of my sisters to get one in their names for me.