Ed Koch under mistaken impression people give a damn

Former NYC mayor Ed Koch has announced his active support for Bush, despite disagreeing with him on every single domestic issue.

Does anyone care what Ed Koch thinks about anything anymore? Why?

No more than I care about the dozens of actors and musicians that seem to feel I need to know their political views. At least Koch has had some political experience, unlike them.

Whenever I see Ed Koch, I think he looks like my grandfather. And now they have something else in common, since I don’t give a crap what Ed Koch thinks.

This wasn’t a total surprise, right? From September 2003

It seems that it’s not hard to buy washed-up politicians these days. Quasi-Democrat Zell Miller, at the end of his career, will give the keynote address at the Republican National Convention. Famed obstructionist and Viagra® huckster Bob Dole® has agreed to fling poo at presidential nominee John Kerry. There’s plenty of money to go around. Who’s next?

Well he was a People’s Court Judge for goodness sakes.

He’s still alive?!

He effectively declared his support when he started organizing the RNC volunteer delegation for next week’s convention.

Ed Koch, a former mayor of a large city, isn’t entitled to a political opinion, yet a bunch of Hollywood actors who didn’t finish high school are?

And they have… What relation to Ed Koch?

I happen to be someone who disagrees with virtually all his views on domestic issues but will vote for Bush just on foreigns affairs. My reasons/views are slightly longer term than typical. Yea, I’m still interested in what Ed Koch has to say.

Which Hollywood actors specifically are you claiming didn’t finish high school, yet have made political endorsements?

Give the guy credit, at least he’s trying to Make-Nice.

“The rights of demonstrators to be heard and seen by their quarry also will be protected and enforced by the police. The rights of the delegates to perform their functions at the convention will, likewise, be safeguarded.”

I care what he thinks, since I happen to agree with his column.

Here is a cite from a snopes-like website. I have not fully looked at the website to get a feel for how accurate it is. I seems to verify that most of the vocal Hollywood anti-Bush stars are college drop-outs not high school drop-outs. I am not placing any weight on it just mentioning it because you asked a question. I’m not trying to start a debate or anything.

For that matter, why should we listen to each other’s opinions? We’re a bunch of strangers who may misrepresent ourselves and our authority. We may have been declared mentally incompetent.

Maybe it’s that some of us don’t care if it’s Ed Koch or Tim Robbins or some faceless poster telling us that they support politician X or political position #44. We want to hear why you hold your position, then we can use our critical thinking skills and determine if that makes sense, regardless of the source.

You don’t care what he thinks either, you just happen to agree with him. Unless you mean you waited for Ed Koch to weigh in before you made up your mind. :smiley: