Ed Zotti: your board is very important to many

Ed: In your closing of the ‘Jerk is warnable now’ thread, you said

(bolding mine)

While I think I know what you really meant there, it is worth emphasising that for many us, what *is *really important is here: the Straight Dope. If you weren’t aware of that before, I’m sure you are becoming so now. To you, and to many others, threads like that one may be irritants, uncomfortable, unnecessary or whatever, but the reason that they are so fervent and passionate is because we *care *about your creation.

There are many threads like that one now, and however they start, they all seem to follow the same route. This is because this board, and the changes that have happened are very important to us.

Ed, you should think about what is important and step back from the moderator role.

I guess I didn’t see how smoothly things were going until Ed stepped in. Talk about a train wreck.

I concur with the OP. Ed, your apologies are both welcome and admirable, and I have no doubt your heart is in the right place, but it takes a big man to admit his limitations. Maybe it would be best for all of us if others handled some board functions.

Please…step back and enjoy.

I don’t really understand Ed’s point there; I mean, surely he is as invested if not more than any of us? Just as there are people diggin in their heels on one side, aren’t there too on the other? If Ed didn’t care, then he wouldn’t worry about the tone of civility on the boards, either in trying to improve it or restore it to an earlier time. The fact that a concerted effort is being made would seem to indicate, at least to me, that the board and all of this affair are extremely important to Ed.

Yes, if only there was a place…an outlet where people could work over their frustrations with the moderators in a historically proven and entertaining way. I remember just such a place. But unfortunately…

Yes, but I am wondering if the reason they are important is the same for Ed as it is for us.


I hope Ed gets this sentiment…