Editing ArcExplorer Files

Does anyone know how to edit an ArcExplorer data file (.shp extension)? SO far, the only program I can find that actually opens it is Arc Explorer itself, which just turns it immediately into a map.

My brother is a regional account manager with ESRI (maker of ArcExplorer). I just sent an email to him that includes a link to this thread and asked if he might be able to make suggestions I could pass on.

Well, you can certainly do it with the ArcGIS software, but that’ll cost you $1500 or something. I don’t know that ESRI makes anything free (or even cheap) which can edit shapefiles. If by chance you only want to edit attributes and not create or move features around or anything like that, you can open the .dbf files in Excel and change information.

Here is a link to a GIS program that claims to have shapefile editing. I’ve downloaded it before, but I never tried to edit anything, so I don’t know what you can actually do with it.

Here’s my brother’s reply:

The shapefiles were from the Census Bureau web page. I’m mostly interested in editing down the metro areas file, since using the "Unique values’ feature to highlight a specific area of interest is really slow when dealing with a file with 100+ entries.

Not much of a story. Sorry.

It looks like you should be able to do that with that Forestry GIS program I linked to.