Editing video capture files

I have a USB TV tuner/capture card (which allows you to use your computer as a DVR), and am having problems editing the .mpg video files generated by the software (ArcSoft Total Media). The software includes an editing utility (to snip out commercials, etc.), but when you edit a file, the edits are “recognized” only by the ArcSoft software. In other words, when you watch an ArcSoft-edited video file on any other video player, the edits don’t show up (as if they’d never been made).

I’ve tried editing the files using other software but have encountered numerous problems: the software doesn’t recognize the file format or gives me other error messages or it allows me to edit the file but then is incapable of re-saving/re-rendering it in edited form, or when it does, it seems to save only the audio portion of the edited file. I’ve also tried using software to initially convert the raw .mpg files to other formats (.mov, .avi, even .flv), but again run into error messages or end up with a converted file that is audio only.

Has anyone encountered this problem, and if so, is there an easy fix?

Thank you!

I don’t have the software, but it seems as if you’re not taking a finishing step of outputting the edited file to a new video file. Seems like the software does the edits, saves them to a “project file” of some sort (a file that contains info about the edits + the name of the file to edit) and, of course, that info can’t be read in any program that is not TotalMedia.

I checked out the manual online and it would appear that TotalMedia is not truly a video editing suite, which may be by design. They may not want you to be able to capture, edit and export video because that promotes pirating. The editing might be for your own use on your own computer with TotalMedia only - OR on your device which has “TotalMedia To Go” on it:

Thanks for the reply. It occurred to me that the limitations on editing might be an anti-piracy measure, but I don’t understand how that objective is served when the software permits you to burn captured video onto a DVD but not perform “real” edits.

Thanks again!

I suspect it’s like iTunes, which lets you go from iTunes to CD and then you can go from CD to DRM-free MP3. You can go from TotalMedia to DVD to PC to AVI if you are so inclined (and have the right, other software). They’re not going to try to stop you from handing your friend a disc, but it does make it harder to instantly create a digital file and disseminate it all over the world via P2P.