Edmunds TMV vs Kelly Blue Book

Any ideas on which of these is more accurate? I’m looking at a 2001 Corolla, and these two are about $1,000 off (4,500 vs 5,500). Seems like a large discrepancy. Just from checking craigslist, it seems like KBB is closer.

Neither, but Edmunds is significantly better.

Almost all dealers I’ve encountered use NADA. That one will give you the best idea how much slack there is in a price.

IME, you can generally do a lot better than any of these sources. (Although not if you’re trying to sell …)

KBB is worthless junk. it’s used only to scam consumers by car dealers or by shady insurance co wanted to scam a claimant out of some cash.

NADA is great, used by pros, hard to understand and expensive to keep up to date.

Edmunds is free, easy and fairly accurate.

I’d go Edmunds, but NADA is trustworthy.

Here at work we use NADA and Black Book.

Edmunds is trustworthy.

KBB is crap. They price really low for trade, really high for resale. The president of my company will walk out of a dealership if he sees that they’re using KBB (after laughing at them, a lot).