Eduardo C. Lindeman: Educator. I need dirt on him.

Yep! *THE *EC Lindeman. Mm-Hmmm. He’s finally going down!
II need to find some juicy gossip about him for a class project, and I am at a dead end. He sounds pretty tepid. Wikipedia is dry as a bone, for scandal on him. How can one find dirt on somebody, who died about 50 years ago? His main claim to fame was adult education. All I could find on him was that he was in the ACLU, and nowadays, I don’t even know if they are still around, and if they are, they aren’t controversial for me to do a smear on ECL with that dirty brush. So, all I could think of to do was google his name, ‘dirt’, ‘scandal’, arrests, etc…
What am I missing for a search?
His daughter wrote a book, with the word ‘rebel’ in it, and I shall read it later, but I don’t think there will be any real ‘dirt’.
So, again, what did I forget to google, or what resource am I neglecting?

Sorry, not Eduardo, it was Eduard. Too much Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt on the brain.


Well according to a book his daughter wrote about him.

“He was distant, seldom at home and had amorous relationships with women”

Your kids will always drop you in it

manila: Thank you. I’m sorry, I htought that the gremlins ate the post, so when I didn’t see it, I htought it was long gone! Thank you again, and again.
Perfect…the book is online…I guess I’ll have to read some of it!

Just make some stuff up.

Well, I would if I could, but the instructor has done this about 50 times in the last year, so…


I happen to have it on good authority he sniffed his socks before putting them on. Very good authority.

Be sure to mention that you aren’t sure if the ACLU is still around nowadays, and if they are, they aren’t controversial-that’s sure to effect the grade on your paper by at least 25%!

Yes, but which way!

Well considering that the ACLU is still around, I would say that it would effect your grade negatively.

Places like libraries have old newspapers on microfiche. Something you can now look up and see what it is.