Educational children's websites

A friend of mine is looking for fun and educational websites for a four year old boy who is a little advanced for his age. He is getting bored with Sesame Street and Bob the Builder so I decided to come here and enlist the help of you folks.

So can you help me…huh, huh, can ya, can ya?

I would recommend the PBS Kids site. The Boohbah website is definitely something to check out there as well. At first glance it may seem a tad juvenile but if you actually go through it, the site deals with rather advanced pattern recognition techniques. Since he is advanced, however, he will likely power through that specific site rather quickly. There should be enough on PBS kids to keep him occupied for a bit though. When he gets bored with that I would head over to the Smithsonian Kids site. The Smithsonian site should be able to take him through a few levels of growth. is good, as is (the official Veggie Tales website). is good, too.

Thanks for all the great suggestions. I will definitely pass these on to my friend.