Edward Norton is a God Among Actors

This thread about Death to Smoochy has almost everyone in it, myself included, singing the praises of Edward Norton despite there being no real consensus on the movie itself.

I’ve seen this in other threads at other boards as well. Even if they don’t like the movie he’s in, most people seem to love him. What is it about the guy that seems to make everyone love him?

I don’t know a better way to put it. The man is simply a fucking amazing actor. In American History X he puts on (in my opinion) one of the best performances of the 90’s.

I didn’t really like Norton in The Italian Job, although I think that is partly a function of the character’s stupidity and scripting.

But yeah, Norton has been good in other movies I’ve seen him in. I think he’s… earnest.

That pretty much sums it up. Aside from that, I have an amazingly huge crush on him (what can I say, he’s gorgeous).

Fight Club and AHX are two of my favorite movies, and I even liked him in 25th Hour despite the fact that I hated the movie.

Try to catch him in Spike Lee’s 25th Hour in which he plays a convicted drug dealer on his last day before going to prison. Largely Monty Brogan is an unrepentant, self serving asshole but Norton actually makes you care about him. After seeing the movie it is impossible to imagine any other actor of his generation playing the part effectively.

I always thought the story about Norton being offered his first 3 leading roles on the basis of test screeings of Primal Fear said plenty about his talent.

American History X and Fight Club are two of my favorite movies as well. Death to Smoochy is also another favorite, despite most people’s seeming hatred of it.

I remember being pretty pissed when I discovered that 25th Hour was only being released in certain markets and I had to wait for it to come out on DVD. All 'cause Norton was the star.

I also watched Keeping the Faith based soley on his starring role. I liked it too.

Yep… Norton rocks.

He IS a great actor, and I think that pretty much covers it. One reason I really disliked The Italian Job was that they gave him such a hateable, empty, one-dimensional character. He had nothing to do in the film, I thought it was a huge waste. And we were supposed to like blandie Mark Wahlberg? Ick.

Some of my favourite movies (25th Hour, American History X, Fight Club) star Norton. He’s easily one of the most talented in Hollywood, and getting nominated for an Oscar for his first movie makes him all the more impressive.

And he gets Salma Hayek… :wink:

His perfomance in ‘Primal fear’ was breathtaking…Even now when i look back on it,i cant believe how brilliant it was.
And better yet, he has been consistent. He was awesome in ‘American History X’ and ‘Fight club’ truly one of the most gifted actors on earth.

I remember seeing Primal Fear with my father. Not sure why we went to see it, we just wanted to see a movie - something we rarely did together - and it was the only one that looked interesting to us both at the time. Anyway, we were both blown away by Norton’s performance and I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

However, despite being in a number of good films, and standing out even in the bad ones, he has yet in my opinion to land any truly career defining roles, the sort of roles you automatically think of when you think of “the greats.”

Which is apparently what Ed thought himself, seeing as how he didn’t even try to make anything of it. Because a cartoonish, one dimensional villian is just so beneath him … :rolleyes:

I don’t know. He was contractually obligated to do the picture, and he didn’t want to. Too bad for him. The way he decided to just sleep-walk through the movie smacks of unprofessionalism and overblown ego to me.

Reminded me of bitchy, whiny, people in my theatre group who expended no effort in rehearsals because they didn’t like how they were cast.

I first saw him as Woody Harrelson’s attorney in The People vs. Larry Flynt, and even in that relatively minor role he caught my attention. He’s fantastic, whether he’s playing a skinhead or a bumbling Romeo (Everyone Says I Love You).

(Gotta admit Death to Smoochy was a waste of my two hours, though.)

Do you have a cite for that?

Love him to the third degree. Forget it, I cant put into words exactly what it is about him that makes him so talented and believable in his roles.

A Google search for norton obligated “The Italian Job” came up with a host of sites mentioning his obligation to act in the film. This site explains it:

Such a shame that a fine actor like Edward Norton could be forced to star in a Paramount film like Star Trek: The Next Movie or Zoolander II: Another Walk Down the Runway.

Zoolander was a great movie! Don’t you be harping on that now.

Yeah, $125,000 and he didn’t even have to expend any effort. ::cue violins::

(FTR, I think Edward Norton is an excellent actor. The best of his generation. He blew me away in American History X and Fight Club.)

He made a deal with Paramount because acting is his job. He wanted to make money. Without the exposure he got from Primal Fear, who knows where his career would be now? He made a commitment, and I wish he’d had enough professionalism to put forth at least a decent performance. He wasn’t even using half his ass in The Italian Job.

The movie’s not great but it’s not a career-killer. It’s not like he’s not going to still be able to make Important, Artistic Cinema[sup]TM[/sup]. The part wasn’t Hamlet, but he could have done more with it had he chosen to do so (he’s certainly talented enough).

He made a deal with Paramount before he got famous, and we’re supposed to feel sorry for him because they actually held him to it?

Oh, something that I forgot to mention before.

I thought The Score was an utterly forgettable, mediocre movie save for Norton’s performance. That alone made it worth the money I paid to see it.

The only person I’ve ever met who didnt love Ed Norton?: my sister , and as you can tell from my sig, she dont like much.

Another nod to Primal Fear. I have seen it five times and I still am surprised at the ending. His acting had and has me completely engrossed in the stuttering charachter.