Edwards endorses Obama


Took him long enough.

All that’s left is Gore.

Even though I was a passionate supporter of Edwards’ candidacy, yaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwn..

Hey, maybe he’ll get the bulk of JE’s pledged delegates. That’s something.

It’ll serve as a psychological boost to Obama, and blow to Clinton, so I guess there is a value to the endorsement, but it’s taken so long its true impact will probably be minimal.

Honestly, I think that this endorsement has more to do with Michigan than the actual primaries. It’s actually pretty smart; Edwards has a lot of support here from our union workers, and the fact that he is coming out here will do a lot to help Obama with the blue-collar voters he seems to have a hard time with. As stupid as the situation is, there is regardless a lot of damage control to do in Michigan. This is probably the best way to “introduce” Obama to the state, and I think that’s what this is about more than trying to sway primary voters.

This would have been worth a lot more if it had come a few days before the primary here in Indiana, where Clinton won by fewer than 15,000 votes out of over 1,200,000 cast.

Anyone think this might be the blow that pushes Hillary to give it up? I doubt it myself, but if she was feeling rejuvenated at all after yesterday’s victory, this has to pretty well erase that.

Right now, Hillary is “high on believin’”* and you know what being high does to your powers of judgment.

  • A phrase from a 1970s pop song for all you whippersnappers.

Well, Terry McAuliffe just came out and said, and I’m paraphrasing, “We respect John Edwards’ decision to support Obama, but Hillary Clinton is soldiering on,” so I’d say no, she’s not dropping out now.

I don’t know, I think that Obama has much more to gain by getting the endorsement here, now. Even with the narrow loss in IN, Obama made his point and practically clinched the nom. I’m not sure how much a 1-2% victory would have done for him that the 1-2% loss didn’t. This is not a primary endorsement, it’s a GE endorsement in a state that Obama really needs to play catchup with, and he couldn’t have justified being here before last Tuesday.

Me too. I think a lot of people have forgotten about Edwards, and Clinton has invested too much to give up over this. I think Edwards could even’ve been as good a president as Obama. I don’t care that he’s a trial lawyer, and I know that his old “my father was a mill worker” shtick was overdone.

Some day, maybe, we’ll get a president who went to a community college. Preferrably, L.A. City College.

If nothing else, it further adds to the impression that Obama’s nomination is a fait accompli.

I don’t know about that. Even Bill said she had to win Indiana. If she had lost by 2%, I’d think it would already be over…

It makes me wonder, in all seriousness, if there are Hillary supporters out there who also feel that Obama’s nomination is a done deal and would prefer to have their candidate drop out at this point for the sake of the party.

Oh…not good form, Obama supporters. A cacophonous boo rose at the rally when Edwards complimented Hillary. Edwards didn’t look pleased.

I guess that’s where I mainly disagree; I think it’s already over. Hillary’s in damage control mode right now, it sounds like she’s staying on just long enough to make some money and change her tone to what it needs to be when she’s supporting Obama later on. On the list of priorities for the Obama campaign, I feel like winning Indiana to get rid of Hillary earlier would be lower than finding an effective way to patch things up with Michigan. This is practically all speculation on my part, though, so who knows.

I’m enrolling there for the fall semester. Give me a few years to be old enough and I’ll make it happen!

Antinor01 in 2012!

Did anyone notice Edwards didn’t actually say the words “I endorse Barack Obama for President” (??)

…and no message to his delegates that he’s releasing them and encouraging them to move to Obama (!?)

The Edwards endorsement made me wonder: why don’t I hear his name more often as a possible VP choice again? Has he already said he doesn’t want it? Is the general consensus that he had his chance in '04 and it should go to someone else?

Personally, I think Edwards played his hand admirably in '04, and Kerry should take the full hit for losing. I think having Edwards on the ticket could bring back a lot of Hillary supporters, too.