Eemo People

I live in Richmond VA and want to know what is the deal with people wearing black rimmed glasses everywhere and sayin they are emo?Like wearing chuck taylors and cuffing there jeans whats up with that ??
has some info about them.

Wikipedia article

[bs]They’re trying to emulate Emo Phillips.[/bs]

[bs]They’re trying to emulate Emo Phillips.[/bs]

Check out , too. Great stuff.

Emo styles are also closely connected to the “hipster doofus” or “ironic” look; for instance, being a 23 year ofl duy guy and wearing a t-shirt that says “St. Agnes Elementary School Girl’s Volleyball.” Another trademark is a somewhat blurry webcam image where they are looking sullen, sad and uninterested.

You hit it right on the nose!!! I mean come on now I love allpeople but when I go into a food place or somethin there like so much better than all?Why do they try to use big words I have no idea not like I can(as you can see)but i am happy.Like take for example I know this one girls she is 22 and is like"oh my god I wana see SeaBuisket" That movie sucked!Or what about this whole Stanley Kubrick thing .Any ways if you dont have a vision problem DONT WEAR GLASSES!


One question which will turn this into a great debate: Who the hell do they think they are saying that their music is more emotional than others?! Is that not being full of yourself to the Nth degree?! People make music to express their feelings… why do they think that the music they make means more?!

Well, I would say it’s more emotional than other Punk, at least Punk as it started out … since Punk at the start was more about pissing people off than expressing your feelings (other than a feeling of disgust and annoyance).

I thought when they used the word “emotional” in the context of emo - it actually meant “whiny” - but I am a jaded aging punk rocker and I miss the rage. :slight_smile:

Funny thing is I didn’t even know what an emo was until about a year ago and now I see this little boys with gelled hair, geek glasses and neon green 70’s t-shirts with their chubby little girl friends with cat eye glasses and black dyed hair.

heh heh, they are nothing more than whiny geeks who feel better about themselves by affecting an air of superiority.

Deagan’s Field Guide to American Sub-culture

Emo boys are esily identified by thier stick like build and pale complexion. Basically, an effeminate man who isn’t angsty enough to be gothic, his approach is to be a smart sensitive guy and hope he’s not mistaken for homosexual (he’s not entirely sure if he isn’t though). Emo Girls are identified by the above chubbiness, and general disregard for regular hygene. Commonly sporting roughly cut hair in a variety of colors, look for multiple piercings and rolls of babyfat peeking over their pants.

Generally found in alternative music stores, and vegan supermarkets emo kids are considered a minor threat. Beware! en masse they may be able to overcome you if you give offense.
Attitudes of superiority lend them a sort of grubby snobbishness.

Emo Kids can be repelled by the playing of any Non-Emo music which will cause their heads to explode. Never feed them or take one into your home. They breed by Mitosis and will soon overrun your dwelling.

Do not confuse Emo Kids with Punks, which have a violent streak and can be very dangerious if provoked. A faux british accent is a good way to discern punks from the American English speaking Emo Kids.

This field Guide brought to you by Leviathan Inc., and your friend Deagan the wolf.


Buwhahahahahaha, oh man. lexi that was the BEST description of emo I’ve ever read!
Oh, and toadspittle, if you think today’s punk is more emotional than the early stuff, you are sadly mistaken. The Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols et al. were writing songs far more emotional and “important” songs than the stuff of today’s bands. There’s good reason for its angry, cynical nature.

I was unaware that EMOs existed and wish to hell I hadn’t read this thread.

[ul]:frowning: [sup]Somethings you just don’t need to know.[/sup][/ul]

I was always more a fan of the hardcore scene, but I have a bit of passion for the 77 to 79 Brit stuff too, and in hardcore and early punk there was a tonne of emotion - albeit angst, rage, and hate. From what I hear about emo the emotion they are talking about is pity - self pity - no self respecting punk would show self pity - and if they ever started to fell that they’d just have to be reminded that the reason life sucks is because of Thacher/Reagan or now Blair/Bush or whom ever was the leader of the “Establishment” and then they’d be pissed off again and ready for more anger & angst and ready for more injury in the pit.
Yeah - what ever happened to calling those people art-fags?? But back in the 80’s there were no Goths, no Emo, no Speed Metal, just punk…

Sigh - I am an old punk rock girl…

Say what?

There was plenty o’ Goths in the '80s (think Cure, think Sisters of Mercy… don’t think Erasure) and while there wasn’t Speed Metal per se … there was much worse: Hair Metal :eek:

Hmmm, apparently there was a Goth music scene (and hence Goth fashion) much earlier than I thought:

Goth: 1980

Some people are going to think this is splitting hairs, but I’ve always thought that emo came out of the hardcore scene, not the punk scene. Around here anyways, emo kids and hardcore kids get along (in fact they’re almost impossible to tell apart) but punks and emo kids do not. And yes, emo is short for emotional, but specifically emotional hardcore. I suppose there’s not a huge difference between punk and hardcore but I’d like to distance myself from emo kids as much as possible. And as girly and whiny as they are, you gotta watch out for them. They can’t kick your ass, but they will mace the hell out of you. I’ve had several friends that have been maced by these stupid local emo kids that call themselves the chaos crew. They’re idiots.

I think, by definition, those kids whom you are talking about are not emo.

Not to offend, but this calls for a great big “whaaaaaatt?”

Has nobody here heard of Depeche Mode? The Cure? Gary Numan? Joy Division? There most certainly WAS a goth scene, and hell, its certainly been around since pre-1980!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (snorts) Ye gods that made my day!