Effective concealed carry of your gun while working out in the gym - Some solutions!

I thought this had to be a joke video at first, but he’s dead serious.

Must be seen to be believed.

Too boring to watch. What does he end up recommending? From the way it starts out I’m guessing some form of rectal holster?

Wearing an ID pouch around his neck with the gun tucked inside for when “it hits the fan”.

That’s no good. If he’s expecting some time when “it hits the fan” he should consider concealing it by holding it in his hand with a towel wrapped around it.

Now if I ever see that guy at the gym, I’ll know exactly where he keeps his gun. Brilliant!

Why do you needa gun when working out in a gym? or ever…??

For when Obama comes to confiscate all the gym equipment, because he needs to make sure that everyone is weak and fat so that they need his socialized medicine.

I mean, come on, don’t you keep up with the news?

I thought the point of gyms is to show off your guns?


My suggestion: shove it up your ass.

You could clap faster if you worked on those guns.

The hell kind of gym does he go to?

Same gym as this guy?

Pertectin’ the wimmonfolk.

A dangerous one, the choice of which I think bodes not well for the quality of his advice on gun concealment.

What? Gyms have some sort of anti-crime force fields?


Maybe this one’s wasn’t working.

I keep mine strapped firmly to my thigh.

Wait, he’s talking about a literal gun?

NRA Fitness.


When would you ever need a gun while eating at Luby’s? Or when you sit down in a theater to watch a movie? Or when standing in line while ordering a Big Mac from McDonald’s?

That said, I can’t imagine I’d ever carry a gun on me while I worked out at a gym. There’s not no practical place I could keep it on my person while I worked out.