Effects of a large, sudden dose of sodium

My manager left a 7.5 oz can of kraut juice on my desk.

I’m considering making the offer to chug it if I can be let out at noon today. Before I make the offer, and in case he calls my bluff:

Can my body handle all 1770mg of sodium at once?
Is peristaltic reversal imminent?
What else should I be wary of?

You will probably thow up. Salt in large quantities used to be used as a home emetic for poisoning.
I’d be more concerned about the acidity. You might burn your esophogus or stomach lining.
If you vomit, you also run the risk of aspirating the nasty mess and burning you airway.
Find a safer way to get off work.

Isn’t 1770 mg about a third of a teaspoon? My guess is you’ll live.

1770 mg of sodium is not a very high casual consumption for most Americans who aren’t following a salt restricted diet. According to the Mcdonalds’ website, 5 pieces (their smallest serving) of “Chicken Select™ premium breast strips” has 1550 mg just by itself. You want fries with that?

You can get more sodium in a few slices of a large pepperoni pizza, or 1-2 large salt-baked pretzels…

Heck, I’m not proud of it, but in the past week, I was laying out some hors d’oeuvres, and I got hit by a powerful olive craving. I polished off an entire jar and then drank the juice – that’s 4800 mg for the olives, and probably twice that for the juice (since salt dissolves in water, not protein, fiber or oil, and the juice is nearly 100% water)

It’s certainly not a good idea as a rule, but I doubt it’ll have any effect whatsoever. it might not even make you thirsty.
This is not medical advice. I don’t know your medical history. You are not my patient. etc. etc.

Won’t you go BANG if exposed to water? :smiley: