Effects of Nictoine

Besides being physically addictive, are there any other dangers/toxicity issues associated with nicotine?

Reason I ask, is that there is this health tonic called “Bacchus-F” which among things like Caffiene, Taurine, vitamins, contains 20mg of Nicotine. Now the average “light” cigarette has 0.6mg of Nicotine.

Is there a large difference in absorption between inhaling and ingesting?

I occasionally drink a bottle of this stuff in the morning because it gives me an energy/alertness boost like Coffee could never give and just wondering about the effects… aside from the obvious dangers of becoming addicted.

Actually, Baccus-f contains nicotinamide, which, while sounding similar is actually one of the B vitamins. The LD-50 of nicotine is about .5mg/lb so if it was really nictotine a couple of bottles could do in a child. Not likely to be something you could buy.