Effects of Vinegar on Stainless Steel

Here’s my situation: I recently read that by drinking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar will help with digestion and overall health. I don’t want to carry a bottle of vinegar around to and from work, so I have an alternative solution. I have a flask made of stainless steel. Obviously it is made to carry alcohol, but I would put vinegar in it.

A quick google search later and I can’t find any real information on whether or not this would be 1/healthy 2/safe and 3/okay for the long term.

Anybody have any ideas / news / facts?

Thanks in advance!

It almost certainly won’t, and there may be risks associated with it.

Can’t you just drink it at home?

I was contemplating cleaning heavy coffee stains out of a stainless steel mug, using white vinegar. Will it work? (Now that I think of it, I think I have some CLR around here somewhere.)

Sometimes I like a cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with boiling water. It’s like a quick hot apple cider.

And don’t stainless steel containers sometimes have inner liners made of some other material? I wonder if those will be susceptible to long-term acidity.

A high quality stainless steel flask will hold vinegar just fine without issues. If you’re still not on board with steel here’s a polyethylene pocket flask. Here’s another.

Or have a large salad with dinner.

It occurs to me too that in many workplaces, it might be career-limiting to be seen drinking regularly from a flask. Of course, if the OP is an airline pilot or a bus driver, the sheer entertainment value might make it worthwhile.