Efficency and practicality: Refrigerator (and other machines) on timers


I live alone and I’m trying to save electricity.

In theory… would this work?

What type of setup would be most efficient?

Could I have two mini-fridges, one always set on for perishables (packed tightly in zip-lock bags) and one on a timer (the ones you can set weekend days or week day days… or heck, probably make some computer program to turn it on and off) that is always off in the times I’m generally asleep and at work (until an hour before I generally get out of work)… I’d use this one for stuff like bottles of soda, water, beer, butter… I’m sure there are a few others (anyone?).

Also, a small freezer unit about the same size, about a third the size of those large freezer units you see in people’s basements, just for the basics.
Would this be more economical than just keeping stuff cold that doesn’t exactly need to be cold? (including all that space that is mostly empty anyway… Its not like I have to dig under other items to find what I’m looking for in there)
If it isn’t, are there any other alternative systems (or refrigerators) that are built to save every dime? (I’m not talking about putting jugs of water in the fridge to keep down the empty space, I’m talking MAJOR cut backs in cost, like whole new alternative thinking on how to keep that meat frozen and that soda cold (when it needs to be cold).

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