Egging Etiquette...And other Holloween fun! Poll

Every year for the past five some notorious members of my department egg the windows of my office ON Holloween, and on rare occasion place shaving creme on my door. It all started 5 years ago when I played a rather innocent trick on some collegues…Pumpkin Guts and other lovely texturous things were involved. They revel in their payback year after year…However, there is some etiquette to be taken into account when deciding to egg someones private, or public property.

Cardinal rule number one: Never egg someone unless they have done something to you first*

CR#2: Never egg the innocent
CR#3: Always egg to not do any damage to private or public property, including but not limited to breaking windows, shingles etc…etc…
CR#4: All animals including but not limited to Dogs, Cats, Livestock or always off limits.**
CR#5: Never Egg a moving car, the startling effect may cause an accident.
Thats about all I can think of at this time, any other rules are welcome here. Plus any fun stories, anecdotes, and or things to be aware of please post here!

You might combine parts of CR3 and CR5 and never egg a stationary vehicle either. Plays hell with the finish and could be permanently damaging if the vehicle’s owner isn’t able to remove it promptly.

Really? How can eggs damage the finish of a car? I thought it was all protein.

I’ve heard the damaging effects as well…Not sure of the science behind it but I doubt it’s a legend. I do know that if one substitutes Eggs with Tomatoes much more damage can be done…So there is another etiquette rule:

CR#6: Never substitute tomatoes in lieu of eggs…the acid in them I’m sure is not good for paint finishes etc…etc…

Once when a teen we had a friend who “found a case of eggs in the woods”.
(Later we realized that of course she had boosted them off the loading dock of the grocery and stashed them in the woods.)
So we spent an hour egging every car on the nearest back road. Since they were passing thru woods, they were going at a fair speed and most never slowed.
Then one guy stopped short, and told us all to stay right there.
We did, thinking “Oh, dear, now what trouble have we gotten ourselves into?”
But he had no idea what to do after that. And with 4 of us holding eggs he changed his mind and took off, calling us names.
But it had spooked us enough to quit and scatter.

Couldn’t it be pretty damaging to the egger as well if the owner isn’t amused and finds out who did it?

CR#7: Never, ever let your eggs sit in the sun for weeks and go rotten before egging night.

CR #8: If you’re going to hide in a tree and drop eggs on cars as they pass underneath, make certain your next target is NOT a police car…:smack: (been there, done that, got the rap sheet)