Egyptian theme music?


Well we have a big parade on the horizon and our float is all to do with Egypt. The lot of us (about 15) have been sitting around all day trying to think of some decent theme music to play, and well after many hours of food and drinks this is what we came up with:

Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian

ok, so were not the most creative bunch music wise (you should see this float!) but we gave it our best shot.

Any Ideas??

Black Lizard

Well, does it have to be pop music, or can you go with authentic folk music?

Steve Martin’s “King Tut” springs to mind for pop music.

Just for the pure novelty value, why not Egyptian music? Perhaps too challenging for you all, but Amr Diab, AbdelWahab, Sultan, Umm Kalthoum etc. All Egyptian.

Or you can choose trashy Europop with the world Egyptian in it.

well were looking for a mix of both (them looking more for the Europop me wanting more of the authentic type) thanks for the suggestions though

Natasha Atlas is Egyptian, right? So also her group Global Underground. great stuff.
Or Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians, as C. said.

Try then Amr Diab, Sultan and related folks, they have a Europoppy feel which probably will be palatable to the philistines, and might even blend in with the Europop proper. Umm Kalthoum et al are a bit too much in that context.

How about the Grand March from Aida?

You can hear it here

You people are the light at the end of the tunnel!! These are excellent :slight_smile:

Thank you so very much!