Eight Weeks Pregnant with a Cloned Human

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Is the embryo a clone of the mother (or is it from another genetic donor), can anyone find any more information on this??

What does the Catholic Church say about this (if they choose to comment), right to life or terminate due to abomination?

You can find a discussion of cloning and catholic ethics here. Basically, the Catholic church is opposed to cloning, with or without the termination aspect, but this article (and others it links to) go into much more detail about whys.

Hey that’s a really short article with some really dodgy links…

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So what’s wrong with aborting an unloved embryo from a rape for example?
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And that link and subsequent links do not state the Catholics position on what to do with a cloned embryo, they mearly state that the act of creating it is wrong. So is it ok after it is created and not during?

Still looking for info on the genetic parent…

Scientist Antinori calls himself the “father of the impossible children”

I do not support these infertile couples and what they are trying to do. I have all sorts of biased opinions about the lengths childless couples will go to in order to procreate.

Too bad that unwanted rape inspired embryo cannot be transplanted to a childless couple.

But in a lot of cases we humans are so sure of our own genetic superiority that we have to submit our progeny to the cold sterile probes of the experimenting zealots of science - Meanwhile, millions of the worlds children are in misery day in and day out.

In addition to the catholic church’s stance Why not have other religions chime in too (if they want to)?

Interesting. I seem to recall the Catholic church’s belief in a fairly well publicized virgin birth.

Apparently the mother involved is revered for her lack of, um, “participation” in the events leading up the the event. They don’t seem to mind taking reproduction out of the context of human sexuality there…

The CC will probably condemn the cloning, based on the reasons mentioned above. The CC position is that procreation is the natural result of the expression of love between two people and bypassing that process is not a good thing.

However, the CC will also state that the child so conceived is innocent of the action resulting in its conception, and should not, therefore, be harmed or punished for the actions of its parent(s).
From this second position will spring the opposition to abortion in the case of rape and to abortion in the case of cloning.

From cagiva650:

This is probably one of the best arguments against cloning.

The Catholic Church can’t condemn a cloning until there’s actually been a cloning.

My Urban Legend alarms all just went off, as soon as I read this:

This just suspends all credibility, in my book. I mean, he’s made this huge, unbelievable breakthrough, and he’s not going to *tell * anybody who she is?

[enable Extreme Sarcasm Mode]

Yeah, right, because that would mean he’d get all kinds of horrible publicity for his program, and corporate sponsors might start rushing in to offer him money, and he might get to be, like, totally famous, and be on CNN and Barbara Walters and Time and Newsweek and Rolling Stone and that would be just ghastly, wouldn’t it? Just think of the media firestorm, the circus, the whoopin’ and a-hollerin’, and the carryin’ on, that would take place.

No, no, much better to preserve a tactful silence.


[end Extreme Sarcasm Mode]

I will believe it, literally, when I see it.

I heard on TV news that it is all very suspect and the guy has a reputation for seeking attention.

Wasn’t there also recently in Italy some case of some impossible pregnancy which turned out to be just a publicity stunt?

I wouldn’t tell anyone if I came from a country which would fine me millions of dollars and throw me in jail for decades. I’d wait till the child was born safely and then turn up in a country without extradiction treaties.

And I remember having this discussion before, not too long ago. Remember this, from last November?


And then there’s this.

So, it’s been barely six months, and in that short space of time evidently Antinori single-handedly has somehow solved the problems, whatever they were, that made the cells stop dividing after the six cell stage? Big question: Why haven’t we heard about this in the news? “Italian Maverick Fertility Doctor Scoops American Researchers”? He isn’t a researcher, he just runs a fertility clinic. How would he have the training and the facilities to do this kind of research? Not to mention the time…


And he has successfully implanted the resulting embryo into a woman? IVF is notorious for having low success rates–it can takes months of ovulating and implanting to get an embryo to implant.

Nah, it’s not time to panic about the “Attack of the Clones” just yet.

May 16, 2002. Then you can panic.


Italy has not threatened to “fine him millions of dollars and throw him in jail for decades”. They have only threatened to take away his license to practice medicine in Italy.

From the CNN.com link:

He himself is not banned from Italy. From your link:

He runs a fertility clinic in Rome.

Only his human cloning project has been banned from Italy. There are plenty of other countries where he can do his human cloning project with impunity. The Italian authorities aren’t going to send an international strike force after him to drag his butt back to Rome and throw it in jail.

He could quite easily have a press conference and announce who this woman was.

Aha but what if revealing this woman’s identity would get the good doktor in further trouble? I can’t imagine any sane childless couple leaving their infert spec and seeking out Dr Antinori. I shudder to think of it but what if his clone carrier is mentally retarded or a possible slave of sorts!

Maybe he’s is bluffing totally, but to ask what exactly is he doing in his lab - I’m sure enquiring minds would like to know!

Me, to say that evidently I’m not the only skeptic. “Show us the baby.”


Yes. Also there’s this very excellent point:


I thought I was going to read about somebody having twins!