Einstein's Incompetence

Not my words, by the way, but they got my attention when I stumbled across them during some recent research. I stumbled across a number of FAQs on the subject, several of them are located at the following URLs:

These all seem to be drafted by the same guy: Oren C. Webster. I can find nothing else on this guy, but I’ve glanced at some of the FAQs and while I find his style somewhat over the top, the content looks reasonably sound. I looked around for some rebuttal, but haven’t been able to dig up anything.

So what’s the story with this guy and his FAQs? Is he a crackpot with some fundamental reasoning flaws that I missed… (hey, I only gave them a quick scan) or is there some real substance to these arguments? Inquiring minds want to know…

While Einstein may not have been the quite hero that the press made him out to be, he was anything but incompetent.

If Mr. Webster disagrees with Einstein’s conclusions he’s welcome to challenge them. Nobody loved a good debate more than Einstein. But Webster’s going to have to use reason rather than polemic, and I sadly suspect his reasoning isn’t up to the task.

Einstein’s work is well accepted by the scientific community, remarkably so for as controversial as it once was. There was the odd time or two when he took what turned out to be the losing side of a question, but he was fair and honest about it. Incompetent? Not in a million years.

If man was meant to fly faster than the speed of sound he would have been born with 50,000 pounds of thrust.

Webster looks like yet another of the arrogant/paranoid wild men of Usenet.

Perusing for infomation about this guy, I found this tidbit:

I also notice that his attacks on SR make no attempts to explain experimental evidence.

From the link:

This is asserted as fact?

One word:


This space for rent.

One other important thing to keep in mind:
His “FAQs” are archived in relation to news.answers, not sci.physics

His own disclaimer says:

He basically assumes that Relativity is false, proves that if Relativity is false, then Relativity is false, and thus concludes that Relativity is false.

And as for all the experiments performed over more than a century that confirm Relativity? Oh, look! It’s Halley’s Comet! Gotta go!

John W. Kennedy
“Compact is becoming contract; man only earns and pays.”
– Charles Williams

For every grain of sand on the beach, there is an internet nutjob, who thinks he can come up with his own ‘logical’ debunking of Einstein. If you do a websearch for various Einstein related keywords, the majority of your hits will be pseudo-scientific diatribes that amount to “Einstein was wrong! I sat here in my underwear and figured out the truth! If you would like to publish my dissertation, contact me here…”

One of the other NG’s I frequent was visited recently, by a guy who posted 500 words explaining how the odd precession of Mercury was caused, not by space/time curvature, but by the Sun’s ‘atmosphere’.

Rather than argue with him, I simply asked him to state the actual atmospheric densities at various distances and be sure to include the corresponding refractive indeces. He hummed and hawed for a post or two, before I laid out the Scientific Method for him and he hasn’t been back since.

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