Either/either, neither/neither

eeeder/eyeder neeeder/nyeder

When you say “eeeder”, as in “I don’t have that either sorry”, does the person responding always use “eyeder”?
It always happens to me, or if i use “eyeder”, i hear “eeeder” back.
Wow, this is probably the most pointless thing I’ve ever had to share.

perhaps we should call the whole thread off.

Perhaps we should. :frowning:
It’s either or either my nadir.

Do you really pronounce “th” as “d” where you live? I thought that was a Minnesota thing. Fascinating.

What was the question?

der’s people who do and der’s people who don’t. I can’t th to save my life.

Never heard of the ‘d’ thing. In my part of the world, it’s pronounced “EYE-ther” or “EE-ther” split roughly 50/50.

I say either. :smiley:

Depends. I think if I use the word within a sentence (“It’s either the stuffed shrimp or the clams casino that’s making me feel like puking”) I pronounce it ‘eeether’. But at the beginning of a sentence (“Either one will do fine”) I pronounce it ‘eye-ther’. Same goes for neither.

Ditto. I wonder why we do this? I must go read more on conceptual semantics!

Just another thread to make me swoon over your accent, huh?

Being brought up in the Southern US, I tend to always say eyether/neyether, eether and neether just sound so wrong to my ears. I am sure someone will correct me on this, but it seems I once read that these are Germanic words, which makes the “eye” pronunciation more correct. I know both are acceptable, but down here in TN, you will almost exclusively hear the “eye” pronunciation.

Either is correct, but either is acceptable.

I say ‘eye-ther’. I took a lot of German classes, and ‘ei’ is ‘eye’.

I say eyther/neyther.

Eether is like nails on a blackboard to me…eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeether. Yuck.

Thirded. I thought I was the only one.

I will use both forms of “either” (well, variants: my "th"s tend to sound like "d"s), but I use the “neyther” pronunciation of “neither” exclusively.