El Cabillito to Jorge:"You no-good fascist child killer, how do you like me now?"

Seen that your vaunted horsisito would resist? Certainly. Seen that there was no hope for a FTA? Perhaps though it wasn’t like there was zero chance. Called off the summit? I don’t think that was in the US’s power. Even if it was, the answer is no.

Was just curious about your glee. Was it simply Bush coming away without an agreement (he probably didn’t have much hope going in anyway) or the fact that there will be no FTA? Or was it just a way for you to blow your boy electronically yet again? Its not really worth a thread of its own…besides I think BG already asked this question in another thread.

Always. Though my spelling sucks I actually used ‘baited’ deliberately…it seemed to go well with your, er, OP. I’ll let you try to puzzle out why should you so choose.


I really have no problem with some nitwits in Latin America shouting that free trade is sending all their jobs to El Norte.

At least its a refreshing change from the American nitwits shouting that free trade is taking all their jobs to Latin America.

The most recent Latinobarometro poll, run by a Chilean organization every year since 1995, polling residents of 18 Latin American countries. Asked to rank regional leaders on a score of 1-10, Lula averaged about a 5.7, Chavez a 4.9, Bush a 4.7 and Castro about a 4.4.

But there was no egg, except in the minds of the deluded. The FTAA was widely expected to be shot down, especially since nobody could agree on a solution to subsidies - especially cotton. Even Bush himself said prior to the meetings that the Doha round on trade talks should take precedence over the FTAA.

I’m hoping for his sake it’s not hovering around Bolivia.

Hey - whilst you may think it doesn’t matter - apparently the US government does. The fact that our PM and government (NZ) won’t let nuclear ships into our harbours has pissed of the US for years.