Elderly Indian couple suing son and daughter-in-law for $675,000 US unless they produce a child within a year

I’ve heard of baby pressure from your parents; even as a guy who’s chronically single, I’m not immune to it myself, but Jesus:

“Entitled mutterfickers, aren’t you?”


There’s gotta’ be a way to settle this one out of court. I’m thinking the kids should offer ten grand and a chocolate Labrador retriever.

What did the poor dog do to deserve that? They’ll probably start demanding puppies.

Those kids are lucky that “Poor Impulse Control Potential Grandpa” didn’t buy a foundling, and leave it on their doorstep with a note. Very Dickensian…

Meet ‘em halfway by giving ‘em a used condom?

Anybody can file a suit against anybody else about anything. I’m not a lawyer, but I predict that the court will reject this suit, and admonish the attorney for the plaintiffs for wasting everybody’s time.

You are predicting something that is already contradicted by the article in the OP, at least in terms of the court rejecting it out of hand.

The court accepted their petition and scheduled it for a hearing on Monday

But of course I have no idea about the Indian system - maybe all you need to do to get a hearing is to submit the correct form. I’m certainly curious about the legal basis for the suit.

This is in India, not the US. It wouldn’t surprise me if the court sides with the parents.

I wonder if they will live stream the hearing tomorrow? The news story is everywhere, I bet they’d get a massive audience.

While this would be terrible in real life, it’d make a great movie plot.

Mea culpa. I did not read the article before writing. Now that I know the suit was filed in India, all bets are off. I know nothing about their legal system nor social customs.

That’s how I feel about real life.

The World Justice Project ranked India at 69 and the USA at 21 for the Global Rule of Law Index. Sure India has a way to go, but these kind of frivolous lawsuits are not a measure of anything serious.

Also precisely, this is India not the US where Roe v Wade is under attack, and States are proposing bills that give rights to Rapist’s families to sue the Raped woman :


This is a thread about a weird lawsuit in India. Please don’t try to hijack it with arguments about abortion rights in the US. Please don’t reply to this post.

I have questions:

-How do they know why they don’t have a grandchild? If there are medical issues, this seems very cruel. Are they demanding a divorce and second marriage if he can’t “produce” with this woman?

-How did they reach this cash amount? The article mentions $47K spent on education. There is a big gap.

-Why do they think they will ever, ever, ever see any grandchild after this? I don’t know about you, but this is relationship-ending level bullshit for me. My parents would be dead to me. If there is a grandchild, they are certainly never meeting the folks.

If I were the son, I’d say “Sorry, folks, low sperm count.” And never talk to them again.

Granted that India works under the rule of law, but the way that law works might still be very different. Here in the US, when you file a lawsuit that the court considers completely asinine, they tell you so before you ever get a court date. But maybe there, they tell you in person, at your court date. Not being an Indian lawyer, I don’t know.

I’m curious about the legal basis. This BBC article gives a little more info that partially answers some of my questions:

The case of disappointed parents taking their children to court for not giving them grandchildren is perhaps a first in the country but, as many would say, having a child in India is almost never just a couple’s decision.

Everyone - from parents and parents-in-law to near and distant relatives and the wider society - has a say in the matter and in most cases, families begin nudging couples towards starting a family even before the bride’s henna has faded.

“In India, marriages are between families and not just a couple,” explains social anthropologist Prof AR Vasavi.

The “cultural logic” in what the Prasads are doing is that “expecting grandchildren is a norm”.

If Hammurabi were still alive, he’d probably assign an orphan or two to those elderly parents to give them some little ones to care for.

Actually, I think the elderly couple is using this whole publicity thing as another form of pressure, more than anything else. Now that it’s gone global, how much bigger can it get? I don’t think they are actually expecting to make any money on this. But, yeah, as @Sunny_Daze wrote, if I were part of the younger couple, and if I did have any kids at some point, they’d never see the child. Relationship-ending, for sure.