Election RO Predictions

Since we know we’re going to have it…

My guess is that by the end of the day, assuming an Obama win, we’ll be hearing November 4th, 2008 referred to as “Black Tuesday”.



Black Tuesday is taken. I think it will have to be Mixed-Race Secret Pinko Muslim Tuesday.

I am going out on a limb here with the prediction of outrage at the flagrant voter fraud shenanigans in OH and FL. Doesn’t matter who wins.

Actually, it’ll be Mixed-Race Pinko Secret-Muslim Tuesday. The ‘Pinko’ part is pretty obvious.


That list of states is too short. By about 48.

“Stole the election” will be making the rounds by 8am EST tomorrow. As will the word “fear” attached to Obama’s name.

Hey, this is easy and fun!

Last night I saw Obama on the screen with Chris Berman during halftime of Monday Night Football. The color on the screen was off kilter, and it made Obama and, to a lesser extent, Berman appear orange. I decided that I would be proud to accept him as our first Citrus-American president.

This post made me smile.

The Day Elizabeth Hasselback’s Head Exploded.

And There Was Much Rejoicing.
And A Week Later Everyone Was Saying Elizabeth Who?

[sub]I can dream.[/sub]


“End of Dole” - rovelations

Especially if the shrapnel takes out a few View co-hosts.

I predict that the number of allegedly fraudulent voters in Ohio slightly exceeds the actual margin of loss.

You are evil, and you WILL be destroyed! :smiley:

But seriously, I hear ya. And though I’m most definitely NOT counting chickens* (I’m REALLY hoping that I don’t know my country as well as I think I do), I’m guessing that her splattered cranium will have plenty of company.

On what is such an emotional day for me, I appreciate the chuckle that your post provided. Thanks.
*Memo to all of the gods that I don’t believe in (especially YOU, Adonai): Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease let Obama win. Please? Hey, I might even try to go to shul more often. That’s worth something, isn’t it?

One thing about California politics – our elections are usually pretty clean.


Sorry: I meant only to say that there will be accusations of shenanigans in every state.