Electoral College

With an election year coming up, here’s a question I’ve always wondered about:

How do people get selected to be a part of the electoral college?

Here’s a site that will be more complete than anything you’ll get from us good people:

A brief quote from the above

Basically, you are best off getting detail from your state party central committees. There are 102 different processes for this (two parties times 50 state and 1 district).

This is assuming, of course, that your asking about how individuals are selected to be on the slates, not which state is elected to the college. As to which slate gets elected, the above link talks about it, but it’s pretty simple in 48 states: whichever candidate leads the pack, gets her or his whole slate elected.

There’s also gab about this from your very own Straight Dope thread.

Arg! Meant to say, “this is assuming you’re asking about who gets to be on the slates, not which slate gets elected to the college”.