Electors and write-ins

Who would go to Springfield as electors if 7 million Illinoians wrote in Ed Zotti for president? Obama will have his slate of electors, Romney will have his, presumably Paul, Stein, etc., but the write-in vote is a bulwark of democracy, how does that work with the Electoral College?

Thread from earlier in the week on the same topic. Illinois is one of the states whose laws fail to address the topic.

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Interesting. Are you thinking that Paul will bolt and run as an independent? Wouldn’t THAT be exciting!

I’m not sure there is a reason why electors need to be designated beforehand. If Zotti got all those write-ins, that would simply entitled people to attend the electoral college who are committed to Zotti, but they could be assembled after the election.

Because under our current system we are voting for the electors, not the candidate. While the practical implications are small, it’s like handing a blank check to someone with your vote.