electric cars

the first electric cars I remember were funky wedge shaped things from the 70s ysing a shitload of standard automotive lead-acid batteries…the motor was DC (direct current).

Aside from advances in battery storage, most of today’s prototype electric cars run AC (Alternating current), supposedly because its more efficient.

What makes AC better than DC?


A century ago, there was a debate between Edison and Westinghouse over which was better: DC (Edison) or AC (Westinghouse). It was found that DC did not carry as far as AC. Thus, AC is better in an electric car if you’re going on a long trip.

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With A/C you can do 3-phase. Consider a rotating magnet and two coils at the top and bottom of a circle (with the magnet inside) If you supply eletricity to the coils you make a electromagent and it will attact/repel the rotating magnet. The fore is greatest when the magent is straight up and down and very low when the magnet is horizontal.
If you ad more coils and activate them at the right time you will get the maximum force more often.

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I also heard that most auto accidents occure within three miles from home.

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An a/c motor can generate full torque at very low speed. No transmission needed, which is very cool, effiency-wise. The technology isn’t quite there yet.