Electric Toothbrush - Safe for Toddlers?

I can’t get my two (almost) year old toddler to let me clean his teeth with the usual baby toothbrush for love nor money (chocolate would probably work but that kinda defeats the point!). He does for some reason though, quite happily open wide when i use my own electric toothbrush on him.

Now this may seem a stupid question, but you know what it’s like, you don’t want to take any chances with your kids (my pension alone isn’t going to keep me in retirement).

If i look about the supermarkets it seems that all the 1 to 3(?) year old toothbrushes are just the manual types. The electric ones only seem to start for older kids. Is there any reason i shouldn’t use an electric one on such a young kid? Does it do some kind of harm to his baby gums or something? I mean it’s a real soft headed brush and i brush lightly but thoroughly so is it ok?

I’ve used an electric toddler toothbrush on my (almost) 4-year-old for a couple years. He’s always wanted to brush by himself, so the bigger handle and vibrating action on the electric make it easier for him.

If you have questions about safety, ask your child’s dentist when you take him for his checkup.