electrical exercise

hmm i’ve always wondered if those electric body toners actually work , where you stick a few pads on and muscles
are repeatedly exerted , reason is i do cycle about 4 miles to work daily but my life got busier so i started driving to work instead and i started seeing the odd bulge appear
on my usually firm gut , anybody have any experience or know
about these body toners? are they fake to entice the lazier
person inside us all or anybody have some good results?

They really do work. And the result is measurable. Try this: Weigh yourself on a scale with a readability of 1 gram. (Note that a scale of this accuracy and resolution might be hard to find.) Then take five $20 bills out of your wallet and send it to the P.O. box advertised on TV. Put your wallet back in your pocket and weigh yourself again… you should see a weight reduction of about 5 grams. Guaranteed.

And don’t ever go to an ATM machine or a bank. That is one of the fastest ways to gain weight.

Channel 9 news here in the Twin Cities reported on a study at the University of Minnesota where they took about a dozen students and subjected them to 45 minute sessions several times a week for several months in lieu of actual exercise. No measureable effect other than acquisition of a distinct dislike of being shocked.

Well, there is a thing called a “TENS” unit, but it’s not for exercise, it’s for pain relief.


They use them for sports therapy, chronic back pain, physical rehabilitation, etc.

These things used to be sold back on the 50’s and 60’s. I thought that had been outlawed by FDA. I guess they found a way around that.

Sure, they exercise your muscles, but not any more than if you made those tiny movements yourself. If you cranked up the juice enough to actually build muscle mass, it would probably pull a tendon, or break a bone, given the lack of control and coordination compared to when you move them. Plus, you’d have sore muscles, etc. just as if you’d moved them yourself.


ah thanks for the input i’ve always been a bit cynical about such things that are too good to be true but then
friends say i was too cynical , thanks anyhow