Electrical Question

I concur - easy, cheap and good practice.

Ready for a 78th opinion?

Slap a plastic electrical box (39 cents?) in the temporary drywall. Wire-nut the ends of the wires (7 cents?). Slap a cover (59 cents?) over the box.

Rest easy.

My experience with houses is that the wires are always where you least expect them. You can’t judge by outside appearances as to where the wires should be. And anyway, we don’t really know anything about the stud bay in this particular case. There’s no reason why wires shouldn’t run through it to get to the second floor, for example (if there is one). I contend that anybody opening any wall should use due caution, on the presumption that there might be wires there (or pipes, or heck, gas lines – old houses are riddled with them).

But this is a bit far afield as to the OP. He/she is reasonably safe in following any of the options suggested here – temporary box of whatever description, or capped wires behind drywall. And I’d have to think that when the kitchen gets renovated, the wires, wherever they end up, will get mentioned to the contractor.