Electrician question

What interesting specialist jobs can a qualified, young (22 year old.) get into in the electrical industry?

As a fuse

Can you be a little more specific? Why do you want a job in the “electrical industry?”

lighting tech for a famouse band

How qualified? At 22, you might qualify as an apprentice in IBEW. (Internatioal Brotherhood of Electrical Workers).

Be more specific, and you might get better (and less sarcastic) answers.

The ‘electrical industry’ is way too wide a referance.

If you mean power supply and distribution, you are still talking about an industry that directly employs millions of folk worldwide, and that does not count design, manufacture, installation.

Do you mean you want to work with electronics ?

Think about the world you inhabit, pretty much everything including media, communications, computing avionics, medical equipment use electronics extensively.

You could go into the space industry and find a huge proportion of the budget of every project is consumed by electrics and electronics.

Then there is academia, where electrical effects inhabit a very rarified theoretical physics and maths field.

The choice is entirely yours, use your imagination and you can pretty much do anything you want if you have the talent.

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DrMatrix - GQ Moderator

At 22, assuming you’ve only casual experience, there are still a wide variety of apprenticeship-level positions available, wages starting from about US$ 10 to 15 per hour. A short list:

  • Residential Electrician
  • Residential HVAC Electrician
  • Industrial HVAC Electrician
  • Light Industrial (general) Electrician
  • Heavy Equipment Electrician
  • Light Distribution Electrician
  • Industrial Distribution Electrician
  • Lineman
  • General Maintenance Electrician
  • Marine (Inside) Electrician
  • Marine (Outside) Electrician
  • Motor Rewind
  • Electrical Controler Electrician

The detailed list is about 300 job descriptions long, and this is just the smallest sample,