Electricity conversion question

I’m going to Ireland soon for 2 weeks. when I tell people what electronics I am bringing with (2 digital cameras and a laptop), they scream “Don’t forget the converters!”. So I go and buy a converter, and an adapter plug for the different mains.

Later while looking through the user’s manual for my camera, it says that the supplied battery charger is good within 100v to 240v and I can use the camera charger abroad with no additional converter, just use the plug adapter.

I looked on my second digital camera’s battery charger, it says "AC in~100-240v 50/60 Hz 12W.

My laptop charger is similar 120-240v 50/60 HZ.

So my question is - can I use these three electric things in Ireland without using the converter? Should I use one anyway?
PS -I am not bringing a hair dryer or curling iron, and I understand that converters might be needed for those appliances.

Yes, you can use those things directly with no voltage converters, however, you will need a plug adapter since the electric outlets in Ireland are different than the ones here in the U.S.

I’ve plugged in multi-voltage cell phone chargers/laptop power supplies etc into both 110V and 220V with no problems. Your cell phone probably won’t work (the US uses the PCS standard and everyone else uses GSM).
If you want to go online with the laptop, you might need a phone jack adapter and a new account.

Thanks for the info. I’m still working on getting online over there, I’m having a problem finding an ISP I can use. But at least I have the converter thing figured out.