Electroic bug repellers?

Ok i am about to move into a house that as a little bug problem. it not that bad right now a few roachs here and there but i know that means there are more there than what i see. i am going to have the bug man come and spay to kill them but my question is i keep seeing this thing called pestdefence. it clams to not use sound to keep them away but it uses the wiring in your house to mess with the nervose systems. my question is do they really work? is it worth the 19.95 to get one? if any one has one and can tell me if it works or not that would be great

ok sorry its called pestoffence…here is a link

Cecil says no.

i know those don’t work…read that one long time ago…but this one clams to not use ultrasonic sound. it claims to be “PEST OFFense® is a chemical-free, non-sonar, non-ultrasound, environmentally friendly solution to SAFE PEST CONTROL”

Dude, nearly all of the appliances in your house create intermittent signals in the electrical field around the wiring of your dwelling.

If that was enough to get rid of the pests, you wouldn’t need to buy the thing in the first place.

Although, note that it doesn’t specify which particular pests it gets rid of. Perhaps it wards off “Pest OFFense” salespeople.