Electron/Proton Question

An electron has a mass about 1/1887 of a proton but has the relative same amount of charge as a proton does but its charge is negative. So does this mean that a proton is more “inert” (forgive me for my incorrect terms) than an electron?

don’t know what you mean by “inert”, but the proton is remarkably stable. I believe that the odds of a proton decaying may be less than one chance in the entire time the universe exists.

actually, I think I do know what you mean by “inert” (not as concentrated, so not as volitile?), but I don’t know the answer you’re asking.

YMMV, or IANAL, whatever.


Well, the proton actually contains some negative charge as well as positive: it’s composed of two up quarks (each with a charge of +2/3) and a down quark (charge -1/3). The total balances out to +1, of course. Also, the quarks that make up the proton contribute relatively little to its mass (the rest of its mass is sort of a manifestation of the energy that binds the quarks together). The electron, on the other hand, is a fundamental particle as far as we know. Interpret this as you will.