Electron Rage

In re Game of Thrones Red Wedding, and all the youtubes of people doing rage dances [and my roomie who I have to listen to heave great sighs, say fuck, goddammit and so forth whenever she plays backgammon, travian or some wild west game she plays online]

Dudes, how can you be so damned invested in a bunch of electrons, and people played by actors, and online games?

Christ on a freaking crutch, I lost around $150 in real world cash equivalent [it was actually several months of mining to get the materials to make the orca, and about 6 months of mining to make the ISK to buy the implants and gear my ship was fit with] when I had a fully loaded and equipped mining command vessel, and a full set of snake implants blown out of the [electron] sky and the only thing that escaped my lips on teamspeak was a mild oh fuck. Not even that loud an oh fuck at that. My roomie doesn’t get doubles or gets stuck on the bar <rattle rattle rattle> and she sounds like someone is killing her kitten. If her dual in travian doesn’t get an attack off at just the precise milisecond, you would think that Wall Street crashed and wiped out her retirement fund. Some kid gets upset and shoves a remote up his ass [or so I vaguely remember, never watched the video.] At least in EVE Online you might have invested some actual cash and lost it - like the guy carrying something like $1500 worth of PLEX cards and getting wiped out going through a gate.

Us Trekkers are so much more refined…


I dont know what you said…but I played Runescape for 2 years till i called it quits at lvl 113. :rolleyes:

Electron Rage -> superhero name, that’s my first thought.

People really get into fiction of all kinds. Fan was derived from fanatic for a reason…

And as for online games they are a community as well as entertainment. That intensifies things; they aren’t just electrons.

Not just nerds. I’ve seen fistfights spring up over pick-up basketball.