Electronics Store Thunderdome

Continuing the tradition.
Has to be an electronics focused store like Best Buy, Microcenter, or Radioshack. Walmart and the like do not count.
Same rules as the other threads.
You can choose one item. I will be generous and count a toolkit as a single item.

First thought would be a flat screen TV mounting kit. Those bars are pretty sturdy and could be used nicely as a bludgeon.

Depends. Modern or vintage Radio Shack?

The Radio Shack of my youth used to have those big gasoline powered RC copters on display. They’d be tough to control and you’d only have one shot but you could probably decapitate an adult. I’m fairly certain they sold tasers as well as electric cattle fences as well. Either of those would tip the balance.

Aren’t modern Radio Shacks empty buildings? Or occupied by another business?

Best Buy sells appliances so I’ll take a blender that I can break and use the broken glass and/or the blades themselves as shivs.