Elevation (latest Stephen King book)

I know there are some big fans of SK here; any of you read / reading this one? I won’t spoil it for anyone who plans to read it but if you’re undecided I will say that it’s . . .pleasant. It’s * not* horror, though it has a sci-fi element to it. In fact I’d say it’s almost “lighthearted”.

I mostly started this thread because I have a question for those who have read it:

What were Scott’s intentions when he made the bet with Deirdre about winning the turkey trot? If he won, the couple would have to have dinner with him at his house but if she won, he would drop the whole dog issue. But then he helps her win. Did he want / expect to win and change his mind at the last minute?

Sorry if that’s a stupid question. It just occurred to me that I may have missed something:confused:

We did start this discussion here: Elevation. Didn’t last real long though. I admit the motivation for some of King’s characters escapes me at times. Other times it’s spot-on though.

Oh, I had missed that first thread. Thanks for linking it.

I vote for “Scott threw the race”.
I see that Elevation won the Goodreads award for “Best New Horror”. :rolleyes:

Just another reflection of the fact that SK could publish his grocery list and it’d be a best seller.

Tho I bet SK could make one really scary grocery list, if he wanted . . .

I know, stupid, huh? Yes, SK is arguably “THE MONARCH OF MAYHEM”, but he’s so much more. This book is the opposite of horror aside from the whole disappearing mass / inevitable doom thing

I’ve warned a few people about the terrifying scene where a man falls down on his way to the mailbox!

What I liked was how it was King’ specialty of making something impossible seem real and grounded. I also liked how no time was wasted on “Why”. It was very short but I didn’t regret reading it.

I still think the story about the possessed desk lamp was his best.

That’s my review.

Just checked. Not yet available to pre-order.

Duct tape… rope… garbage bags… shovel… holy water… bread…

OK I’ll be the odd one out. I didn’t like it at all. It seemed like two different stories cobbled together and why I could buy the whole “losing mass” plot it seemed overkill to have it affect whatever he is holding. Of course I’m the odd one out even in my own house since Mrs. Cad really liked it.