Elimination fingerprints - kept on file?

So I got home last Saturday night to find that some cretin had busted in my back door and swiped some stereo equipment. Dagnabit. The cops came, filled out a report, and an evidence guy came & dusted for prints. As part of this, he took my fingerprints to see if the prints found were just mine, or whether they belonged to the goon who decided to relieve me of my consumer electronics.

My question: Suppose that at some point in the future, I get it into my head to knock over the First National Bank. The cops then manage to extract two fingerprints and a partial thumbprint off of the note I pass to the teller. Would the elimination prints taken from me recently still be on file, and could they match them with my hypothetical bank robbery prints?

Okay, when they take elmination prints, they place them on a paper card, to compare them to the other prints they have on paper from your apt.
If you rob a bank, the police search their fingerprint database and the state’s and the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) This is all digital and takes usually a few hours. They don’t put your prints in the computer as you’re not a criminal, so your prints won’t come up.
They will keep the odd prints that weren’t eliminated from your house around, in case they catch a guy 2 doors down so they can get him on your burg too.
Sorry about that…