Ellipticals: Plum? Or canted ok?

The wife and I are looking to buy an elliptical machine. We’ve done some research, and tested several models. We’re down to a decision between two machines, a Life Fitness or a Precor. Both machines are approximately the same price, and have good ratings, warranties, etc. The wife would be equally pleased with either machine.

The Life Fitness has the perfect stride for me, very much like what I’m used to at the gym. The only thing is that the arms go forward far enough that I have to lean forward a bit to use the machine. It’s only a few degrees, not enough to get my knees past the toes, but it’s noticeable.

The Precor has a smooth stride, too, but it’s not quite the same feel and may take a little getting used to. However, I can easily remain perfectly plum, all the relevant body parts aligned with gravity.

Ergonomically, does it matter whether I’m aligned perfecty plum when doing the elliptical?

I currently only use the elliptical for twenty minutes or less at the gym at a time, but if we plunk down the cash for one of these babies for home use, I expect I’ll be on it for an hour at least a couple of times a week.

I think the word you’re searching for is “plumb”.

You’re gonna burn more calories when your arms aren’t resting on something. Probably the plumb one, if that’s the goal.

I much prefer the Life Fitness. I’m currently saving up to buy the X1. Which model are you looking at?


Great username/spelling correction combo, btw.
And we’re looking at the X8, or the Precor 5.33. Spendy, but we’ve convinced ourselves that if we’re going to spend that kind of money, we should spend enough to make sure we’re getting the quality and features that will satisfy for the long term.

Clothes look much better hanging on the Life Fitness machines (in general). For storing boxes and old junk, you realize that weight benches are much better as both clothes trees and a shelf for boxes, right?

When I’m at the gym and it’s available, I use the Precor exclusively. If it’s not available and a Life Fitness one is, I’ll pick something else, like a bike or a treadmill. I love the Precor - I find it a smoother “ride” (for lack of a better word).

You don’t burn significantly more calories by moving your arms. It in the area of 25 calories extra per workout. Even with hand weights, the risk of injury to your arms is higher than the benefit from the added weight.

You should go with whatever machine you’re comfortable with. You can increase resistance on any machine to burn more calories. This is why when you use it properly you can get the same workout from a bike you can get with any other machine. It depends on resistance and intensity

So go with whatever machine causes the least stress on your body, joints, feet etc