Elton John Cancels Orlando Concert

He’s on his farewell tour, and there was no way I could afford the tickets, so I didn’t even realize this happened until the noon news.

Concert goers were told 20-30 minutes after the concert was supposed to start that Sir Elton had an ear infection and would be unable to perform. As you can imagine, this news was not received well. The concert is supposed to be rescheduled, so concert goers were told to hold onto their tickets. The venue is also looking into refunding parking. Sir Elton was dressed and ready to go when the doctors told him he shouldn’t perform.

Wait, WHAT?!? I live 90 minutes away and have been trying for months to make it happen, but I just couldn’t reconcile the ticket prices (for decent seats). Even yesterday we were like “Maybe we’ll get last-minute “cheap” seats and head down there”, but we ended up popping in a concert DVD of his instead.

So it didn’t even happen? The grace of the music gods were with me??