Elton John question

I accompanied my daughter’s class on a field trip today. One of her classmates struck up a conversation while we were on the bus.

She: “My name is Nikita - do you know why my name is Nikita?”

Me: “Well, no, I can’t say that I do.”

She: “My mom heard the name in an Elton John song and she said that if she ever had a daughter she would name her Nikita.”

Now, I’ve been thinking it about it all day and I can’t remember any Elton John song with that name in it. But, this little girl was awfully sure of herself and I’m no authority on Elton John. So, anyone know this song?


From the 1986 album “Ice on Fire”

Thanks Arden Ranger. :slight_smile:

As linked above, “Nikita” was from the dark years of Elton’s catalogue: anything post 1978.

Interesting tidbit: Nikita is a man’s name in Russia (e.g. Nikita Krushchev). Puts a whole new spin on it, no? Elton has joked about pulling a fast one on his audience since there are no pronouns in the song that give an indication of sex.

Then he should have had the courage to make a clip along those lines as well - instead of using a beautiful female for the role of Nikita.

Boy, in that case these guys really screwed up!