Elves in blackface?

Check out the Google splash page for today, 12/23, loading Santa’s sleigh… Are the elves in blackface?


No. They’re different colors, grinning broadly with bright white teeth.

If Black Pete or some random elf looks dark-skinned, it would be because that is their natural complexion, no?

OK, natural complexions, bright white teeth!


Only if you’re assuming all elves are white.

Santa must be hiring drow. Naughty kids are sacrificed to Lolth, Demon Queen of Spiders.

The elves are Afghan immigrants to Lapland, seasonal workers who are paid the minimum wage for working 24/7 in the runup to Christmas. As they are Muslims they don’t need Christmas holidays, so they are ideal workers.

Other news from the North Pole:

  • Next year the naughty-nice database will be outsourced to India.
  • Santa’s sleigh will be delivered from China already pre-packed with presents, so the elvish seasonal workers will become redundant.
  • Rudolph has been fired for not having a company-approved nose, and all of the other reindeer have been forced to resign due to the #SantaEmploysBullies campaign.
  • Elon Musk is developing a new environment-friendly propulsion system for the sleigh, which will definitely be ready in time for Christmas 2019.


No. There is one white elf, one dark brown (black) elf, and one lighter brown elf, and then a light brown elf with long hair at the end of the runway. Google is just trying to cover multiple skin colors.

Though I admit I would have had the white elf be lighter (while keeping Santa’s skin where it is), both to provide a greater degree of contrast, and so that Santa is ambiguous rather than clearly white.

Here I thought this would be about the current contentious question in LARPing about whether Drow are blackface…