Ah, I searched, but narry a word on them.

So, let’s talk about them. Most are free
[but not free like they give them to you, you pay around $1,200 [$400 computer + $700 computserver or whatever] before you get to the free part].

One guy bought one & he already has a modem. Called emachines, said he wanted a refund on their modem & they said, ‘sorry, we only do complete computers…’

Those Cyrix chips make me nervous.

Also, do they come with a full cd of W98 or just a semi-pirated-licensed version of same?

With the suit over whether its design is too close to the iMac, I think they have enough to worry about without distributing semi-pirated versions of Win98.

I love mine. I got everything I needed in the way of software. The only thing missing was a monitor. I will get a refund of the $475.00 I paid, so the computer is essentially costing me $20.00 a month for 3 years.

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We got my Mom an e-machine for Xmas last year. It was a 266. Anyway it toasted on her and I could never really get from her what happened (she’s 82 and brand new to computers). They said to send it back and we did. It took’em ~ 6 weeks, but they did send her back a new 300 w/a slightly larger HD. I’ve spent probably a total of an hour w/it; it seems to work OK. Dinky speakers. And the system doesn’t really come w/a W98 CD. It comes w/a Restore CD.

Hope this helps.

I work for Best Buy, in case you guys didn’t notice. Don’t buy an E-Machine. It’s a rip off. Crappy computer, cheap monitor, everything’s bottom drawer. Don’t buy one. It’s a rip off.


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Homer, do you sell a lot of them with a pitch like that? :slight_smile:

My work computer is an e-machine. Piece of junk, frankly. Sure, it’s fine here at thye office for hanging about at the SDMB all day, but I wouldn’t have one at home. Far too important things to do there :wink:

Don’t get me wrong–I love life. I’m just finding it harder and harder to keep myself amused.

‘Piece of junk, frankly’
Why is that Lucky?

My mother just bought an emachines computer a couple of months ago. It sucks. The monitor is horrible, the speakers are ridiculously small and the sound quality is abysmal. Also, the modem was fried in a lightning storm, so she can’t even go online with it anymore. (We have an alternate computer downstairs, so I have to sign onto AOL using the guest feature.) And as if all of that wasn’t bad enough, the internal fan is making a really loud whirring noise whenever it’s turned on. My advice would be to save your money for a better computer if you’re thinking of buying from them.

Well, Handy, I hate my emachine because it can’t seem to handle more than two tasks at a time. If I’m working on (i.e.) an Excell document, and I’m on line, and then someone asks me to pull up last week’s sales report, the computer flips out. I don’t know technically what’s happening, but it will take several minutes just to open the program I requested if other things are open at the same time.
The modem also sucks. I constatnly get error messages that the modem is unable to detect a router when I try to download e-mail. When I’m on line, I get “cannot connect to server” error messages.
And, as was said by others, the speakers suck.

Don’t get me wrong–I love life. I’m just finding it harder and harder to keep myself amused.

Oh, I see. Off-brand cheap, incompatible modems, same with sound cards, it looks. I wonder what brands of stuff they really do use in those things…

I worked at CompUSA over the summer, and E-machines are crap. most were returned back within days because of internal errors.
e-machines are recycled computer hardware from hp & compaq, and the code-architecture is sloppy.

FYI gateway is also recycled hardware a-la your :)where leasing.

just so you know I use a DELL
the best customer service, when mine broke down, they paind for the express shipping, and fixed it with no cost!
and they are truelly 100% upgradeable.

damn auto emodacon

“your(insert smiley)ware”

PS CYRIX is in ch12.
it’s over for them.

LAST PS. wait 2 months
the 7th gen chipsets will be out. and they will bill the first 100% ground-up chips since the late 70’s for the PC market.
If you can’t wait. buy a G4 mac.

Well, I got me a Gateway. They finainced me, and my credit at the time was not stellar (but it is now - well, it’s better at any rate - thanks to this financing), the computer applications and hardware is all name brand, their support is AMAZING, they have the 2-year trade-in option, and knock on wood my computer has treated me nicely.

Yer pal,

Computers?!? You mean the rest of you don’t surf the 'net via telegraph?

My e-machine serves well enough. It’s a 333MHZ and is slower than my Pentium ll 266MHZ machine. I just added another 32 Megs of RAM. That helped some. But then I didn’t pay that much.
We needed a second machine and I looked at some used dinosaurs and the e-machine was a better deal.
Seems they are the worst of the best.


If I bought an emachine, I would pick the one in the store that they use as a demo cause its on all the time & throughly tested :slight_smile:

Hey, ever wonder what to do if you bought a computer that has software you already own, like W98? If you dont agree to that licensing agreement, it says you are supposed to be able to get a refund. This can be $50-80 or more. This lady tried to do it and she writes a great story about it & her emachine: http://www2.pure-chaos.com/mitrian.html

I bought an eMachine for $75, took it home, set it up, and used it for about a week. I found that it kicked me offline from AOL about 10 times more often than my former computer, so I returned it for a refund. You live, you learn.

Snarkberry, $75? Thats is pretty low but then couldnt you just put in your own modem so it stays connected?