email notification

I have set the option NOT to get email notification when someone replies to my message, and I DONT check the box for each thread. Nevertheless, I keep getting email notifications. How do I stop this happening?

Is this a global thing, or is it only happening in a specific thread? If it’s only happening in certain threads, can you please post links to them here for me? I’ll take a look at 'em and see what I can see.

If it’s global, I have no idea. Have you tried “unsubscribing” to any of them through the link provided in the e-mail and did that have any effect?

Its global.

I don’t want to unsubscribe, I want to go to my cp and see if there’s any reply to my messages.

Uhh, I don’t think the system is set up that way. If you subscribe to a thread, you get e-mail. (Or at least you do when the boards are working properly.)

Have you tried setting up a free account for the SDMB notifications? Then, you can ignore them till the inbox fills up and you delete them all.

That way, you stay subscribed for your CP.

Umm, we strongly prefer that members have an active and useful e-mail account listed in their profile. Else we’re left with no way to contact members, should that need arise. In fact, it’s a requirement, if the registration agreeement is to be construed narrowly.

Alternatively though, you could simply set up a Spam filter for messages from the Straight Dope Message Board Mailer. The SDMB staff uses the e-mail accounts that have been made public so there’s never a question of authenticity; we won’t mail you from the SDMB mailer. You might miss some membership-wide distribution e-mail, but I think that’s been used exactly twice since these boards opened for business - both related to hacker activity with alerts to change your password.

Haha! I didn’t subscribe to this thread and missed UB’s post til now. :slight_smile:

That r. a. interpretation makes sense.

I can set my e-mail to block specific addresses, so your spam filter idea works. Thanks.