Emails marked "urgent!" that aren't actually urgent - how do you react?

I can’t decide if you get an A for smacking down Greg, or an F for your use of reply-all.

I have asked, and the answer I got was that everything she had to say WAS important. :rolleyes: It’s something she does with each email, it’s not automatically set to do so.

Actually, I just went back through some of my more recent emails and she has gotten somewhat better about not marking EVERYTHING urgent, so that’s progress!

No, I think this was an appropriate use of reply-all.

The point of this was to use peer pressure to get Greg to conform to the company norm of only marking an email urgent if it actually is urgent business. That peer pressure works because the reply-all made all Greg’s peers aware of it.

Under the circumstances, this is the one place where I can justify the use of “Reply All.”