Emails to Congress

Does someone have a website address for a list of our Senators and Congress Reps that gives their email addresses? I had such an address at one time, but can’t find it. And, I’m all googled-out.
Hence, I’m google-plexed? (ha-ha)

I know some SDoper will be along to help me soon…

  • Jinx

Try these

Not to put a SPAM thought in your IP packets, but don’t expect your email to generate any positive response, let alone any response from emailing just your Members of Congress, or Congress as a whole.

Emailing Congress is the ultimate SPAM for them. Congress as a whole, as well as individual Members are inundated by emails, legitimate, illegitimate, SPAM and otherwise. Unless you’ve already established some sort or communication / relationship by some other means, your email may get a standard response. More often than not it will get trashed about as fast as its “read.”

If you really want to contact the folks on the Hill, old fashioned letters (paper, pen, stamp, envelope - you know the drill) will get your opinions read faster than a New York minute.

A few months ago I emailed both of my senators about a bill I was concerned about. It was a heartfelt letter in my own words rather than a 1,001st copy from some petition drive. I actually received a real ink-on-paper-delivered-by-the-post-office response from one of them thanking me for my interest. It was obviously a form letter since it was worded in such a way that it could have been sent to people on either side of the issue, but it was about the bill I wrote about and it made me feel good that they were aware of, and responding to, their constituents.

Last week I received another letter from the same senator thanking me for contacting him about a completely different and completely unrelated bill which I had never even heard of let alone contacted him about. :rolleyes: