Embarrasing Q re:Gidget and Flying Nun

So the other day I was flipping through the channels and happened to stop on TVland, also known as the Sally Field channel because all they play is her stuff.

Anyway, I started to watch an episode of the flying nun (I was hungover and couldn’t be bothered to change the channel). In this episode, Sally Field (the nun) was showing a slideshow of her life to some kids. All the shots were pictures of Gidget surfing and being at the beach and other stuff.

So, were they the same person? According to IMDB the characters had different names.

Or is it possible that the same production company did both shows and figured that for an easy cheap way to show pictures?
On preview:I suppose it’s possible that it was Gidget I was watching because she didn’t have the wing things on her habit. So another question is - Did Gidget become a nun?

My guess would be ‘obvious gag’.