Embrace the neon!

My sister-in-law and her husband just moved into their first house. My wife and I decided to get them a neon sign for a housewarming present. They throw a cocktail party every year, so we’re getting them a neon cocktail glass (complete with swizzle stick and olive) to hang on the wall.

They’d better love it. I think they will.

While we were choosing colors at the neon shop last night, I was looking over the neon pieces they had on display.

That’s when I realized that I want a neon sign.

Of course, I don’t want an off-the-shelf piece. Top two custom candidates: a movie projector, old style, with the two big circle canisters and a beam of light coming out of the lens. Or Alfred Hitchcock’s famous self-portrait profile doodle – the one he stepped into at the beginning of his show.

I’m still trying to come up with something even better.

So, if you were getting a neon sign, what design would you want?

Eat At Joe’s

“The Buzzing Sign”

I love the way that neon buzzes. I’m going to have at least one neon sign from old gas stations in the house, and my and Gunslinger’s antiques store, the Emporium, is going to have old-fashioned metal-and-neon signage from this place.

Hitchcock’s appearance in Rope was in the form of a Hitchcock-profile neon sign outside one of the apartment windows.

Be great if you could get that specific neon sign!

A flamingo, specifically because it would unite lawn flamingos and a noble gas sign into a celebration of tacky.



“The Maltese Falcon”.

I’d have the monopoly logo done in neon… Now I know what to ask for at Christmas :wink:

While neon signs can easily veer into tackiness, I don’t think it’s innate to the medium.

We have a tacky neon sculpture, actually. A few years ago, my mother-in-law thought we’d love to have a neon piece. Good call. She bought us an off-the-shelf sculpture of a classic '50s style car. Bad call. Means nothing to us. Every now and then we talk about trying to sell it or trade it in, but my MIL would probably be crushed if we did that, so we keep it around for when she visits.